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Add a Dramatic Flair To Your Home Décor With Granite Countertops in Northern Colorado

If you’re searching for affordable, high-quality countertop material, granite is likely one of your top picks. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, an easy to clean surface, and the sleek look of natural stone, there are many reasons why granite countertops in Northern Colorado are a popular choice for kitchen countertops. The ideal way to ensure your new countertop looks its best is to hire a professional fabrication and installation company to do the job.

Homeowners and builders in Northern Colorado love the look of granite, particularly in the kitchen. That’s why granite counters have remained popular for so many years. This stone adds dramatic flair to any decor and is extremely durable.

granite countertops in Northern Colorado
granite countertops in Northern Colorado

Not all granite is created equal, though, so you need to consider several factors before you purchase your granite countertops. Color, thickness and cost are all important factors when you choose granite.

Choosing colors of your Northern Colorado granite countertops

When you choose the color of your granite counters, you need to find one that you can live with for many years. With proper care, granite countertops can last for decades, so pick a color that will work through a kitchen remodel or two. If a possible resale is in your future, focus on more neutral colors in order to attract more buyers.

You also need to consider the lighting in your kitchen. Granite retailer experts warn that a small, dark kitchen needs a lighter color choice. Predominantly black or brown granite can easily make the space look tiny and dark. Instead, choose a lighter color that makes the kitchen seem roomier. If you are worried about the lighter granite showing dirt, pick one that features brown or gray streaks. You will get a stylish look, and your little ones’ food streaks won’t show.

Try to match your Northern Colorado granite countertops with the cabinets

There are two main ways to pair your granite countertops in Northern Colorado with cabinets: match the color with the cabinets or pair the veining and marbling.

The first way to match granite to your counters is to choose a granite countertop that’s the same color as your cabinets but with darker veining. For example, white cabinets look gorgeous with White Spring granite, which has veins of grey, black, and brown. If you want granite with a contrasting color, choose stone with veins of color that match your cabinetry. White Spring granite would also pair beautifully with espresso cabinets.

It may also help to look at popular pairings of granite countertops and cabinetry. Here are some ideas:

          Neutral medium-brown maple cabinets with grey, beige, and white granite

          Light to medium oak cabinets with a contrasting granite like Black Pearl

          Dark brown cabinets with green granite.

          Cherry cabinets with granite like Ubatuba, Verde Peacock, and white granite.

The price of Northern Colorado granite countertops

When searching for the best deal you can find, you don’t want to just consider the price per square foot. It is important to remember that fabricators may charge for other materials used, cut outs, and other aspects of the installation. Make sure to get a good idea of the bottom line price for each company before making your decision about granite countertops.

Look up a few references and customer reviews on the most popular granite countertops

To ensure you’re choosing a reputable installation company for your granite countertops in Northern Colorado, ask to look at examples of their past work and request references. If you are able to find information about their company online, read through reviews from past customers

More tips to get quality granite countertops in Northern Colorado at a lower cost

Thinner granite countertops will cost less, but, as mentioned above, they are less durable. If you want to use granite countertops but cannot handle the expense, you may choose granite tile instead. They are also thin, but they can be installed over the current tile in your kitchen.

granite countertops in Northern Colorado
granite countertops in Northern Colorado

You can further reduce the price of granite counters by using it only on the countertop and using another contrasting material for the backsplash. Also, be careful when choosing the edge. A fancier edge, like a beveled one, will add to your bill.

If possible, buy Granite Countertops from a local wholesaler in Northern Colorado. The initial price will be less expensive, and you’ll save significantly on shipping.

The weight of granite means transporting it can be extremely costly. Purchasing the perfect New Countertops that is located 500 miles away will rock your budget.

Work with Weaver Stone if you are in Northern Colorado for the lowest prices on granite, marble and an assortment of quartz brands.

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