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Buy Countertops Now And Pay Later in Fort Collins

It’s important to pick the right option that will help you achieve your goals hassle free when you’re looking to redo your Fort Collins kitchen countertops with financing, borrow for upgraded appliances, or finance an entirely new kitchen.

Choosing to buy countertops now and pay later presents you with a number of benefits including:

  • Savings on your project: Kitchen remodeling loans can have major differences in interest and fees. Picking the right option could save you thousands of dollars.
  • Manageable monthly payments for your project: It’s important to pick a financing option that won’t blow a hole in your monthly budget.
  • No one-time hit to your bank account: You may have the income to responsibly finance your kitchen remodel, but want to avoid a large one-time hit to your bank account. Financing can help you spread out your costs, but you’ll have to carefully think about the fees.
buy countertops now and pay later
buy countertops now and pay later

In this post, we’ll show you how to buy kitchen countertops now and pay later and save money while at it. We’ll also tell you about the options we offer. 

Identifying a financing option that’s right for you 

You can qualify for affordable financing plans for your kitchen remodel. These plans allow you to design, install and enjoy your countertops now, with a comfortable payment program that fits your needs.

With Weaver Stone Countertops Company in Northern Colorado, you have several easy payment options available to finance all or part of your project. Based on your credit score and down payment, our design consultant can help you determine what works best for you.

What’s the best time to consider buying, now and paying later?

Simply put, the choice to buy countertops now and pay later is for people who don’t have the cash to finance the project they have in mind. This could be everything from a simple countertop reface to an entire kitchen makeover or even expanding your kitchen. When considering renovations, bear in mind that the total cost will probably involve much more than just labor and materials. Often, this figure includes fees for architectural and engineering services, inspections and permits, and potentially having to put up a contingency reserve of 10 percent.

Various types of loans are available, most of them contingent on how much equity you have built up in your home. Whatever your project is, there’s probably a mortgage or personal loan that will allow you to buy kitchen countertops now and pay later.

Other Ways to Pay for a Home Renovation Loan 

If you have very healthy credit and a less expensive project in mind, you can use a credit card with a promotional no-interest period as an alternative to a full renovation loan. Isolating your project costs on a separate credit card will make it easier to keep expenses allocated to your countertops project separate from your usual spending, while a no-interest offer will minimize the cost of borrowing the money. 

Just remember that it can be easy to overspend with a credit card, so make sure you’re confident that you can use it responsibly and repay the balance quickly.

There’s also the cash-out refinancing option for Northern Colorado Countertops, which involves refinancing your current mortgage at a higher loan amount and using the extra cash for a renovation. This choice might make sense if you have at least 20% equity in the home, a good credit score, and low-interest rate options available in the market.

Look at current rates keenly, lenders, and how much equity you have in your home before choosing to buy countertops now and pay later.

buy countertops now and pay later
buy countertops now and pay later

How to approach payments in Northern Colorado?

Choosing to pay later while on a personal loan is often the best choice if you can’t claim a tax break for home equity loan debt and you don’t want to jeopardize your house. 

If you’re confident you can pay back the loan and you aren’t worried about potentially owing more than your house is worth, then it may make sense to consider a home equity loan. Just be sure whatever loan you choose is affordable and covers the costs of the remodel you need to complete.

If you need help with any of the above options for your countertops in Northern Colorado, do not hesitate to contact Weaver Stone Countertops Company in Fort Collins. We also offer financing options with 0% interest rates for full service countertops projects in the region. Come to us, when everything else seems unclear.

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