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Do Air Fryers Damage Countertops?

Is it safe to put your air fryer directly on your countertop? Sometimes yes, but it also depends on the countertop.

Air fryers are popular today and found in almost every home. If you just got one you may think “Is it safe to put this directly on my countertop?” Air fryers are small ovens that potentially can get very HOT, so this is a good question to wonder. The answer is yes, only if your countertop is made 100% heatproof. Always be aware if your countertop is heat resistance. Sometimes air fryers can damage countertops that aren’t heatproof. Make sure if you’re using an air fryer to always put something under it to protect your countertop from damages.

So what countertops are consider heat resistance? Here are some options!

Quartz Countertops are strong and durable. They are heat resistant, but not heatproof. Quartz can handle high temperatures, but not for prolonged periods of time. This countertop is made up of 90% quartz and 10% pigments and resin.

Granite Countertops should easily be able to handle the heat of an air fryer. Granite can handle up to 1200 degree F. But, it can be damage if something sits on it for too long. Granite top is fine to use an air fryer on, but if you are using it constantly you may want to consider using a protective board underneath.

Marble Countertops is the same idea as granite and quartz. Marble is extremely heat-resistant, but its the sealer that could become damaged. It’s best to use a protector if using an air fryer.

Now that we have gone through different countertops and methods to protect your kitchen surface, you’re hopefully feeling better about where to put the fryer. If you do use the air fryer frequently, the heat- resistance material such as quartz, granite and marble should be okay unprotected, but in general, you always want to keep protection under anything hot when using and putting it on the countertop.

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