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affordable countertops in Northern Colorado

Find Out How To Source For Affordable Countertops in Northern Colorado

Getting new kitchen countertops will typically take up a significant percentage of your remodeling budget. If you are thinking of going for a full-service kitchen remodel package, starting from the design and planning up to the installation and delivery, you might find yourself spending as high as one-third or even half of your entire kitchen remodeling budget on countertops alone.

Learning how to source for affordable countertops in Northern Colorado is therefore the only solution, if you are on a limited budget.

There are, however, different ways around this strain. You just need to be a little creative and find a good supplier, maybe go for low-cost materials, and conduct some groundwork. This can see you cut some serious countertops costs. This is, however, not easy. In this game of finding Quality Countertops at Wholesale or Discounted Prices, you will need to be tenacious, agile, and competitive.

Look through local Facebook groups

One of the best sources of affordable countertops is through local Facebook groups. Be careful not to buy anything from a project group. These groups are hyper-local, neighborhood-specific initiatives that require everything to be listed for free.

One benefit of finding affordable countertops in Northern Colorado through a local Facebook group is that the competition will not be as fierce as when the countertops would have been free for grabs to the entire city or region.

There will still be people competing for the same slabs as you, but there won’t be as many as if the offer was advertised for the whole region. It would also be easier to appeal to the person offering the countertops personally.

The only disadvantage of going for this method is that the slabs will be scarce. No worries, they will certainly be available from time to time.

affordable countertops in Northern Colorado
affordable countertops in Northern Colorado

Shipping directly from the manufacturer

If you are hoping to score free shipping from the manufacturer, you might want to order something else as well because free shipping only applies to large orders.

If you want to ship any other extras, the shipping charges will be actually more than the net worth of the goods.

Hardware purchased directly from the manufacturer will be expensive. You can, however, choose to purchase and ship your countertops and install it yourself to save money.

If the idea of installing countertops yourself does not seem like a good plan, you can still ship your affordable countertops in Northern Colorado, and then pay some extra fees to have the manufacturer refer a fabricator and installer to do the rest of the job for you.

Warehouse Club Stores

There are warehouse membership clubs that are known for storing countertops at discounted prices in Northern Colorado. You can get a good bargain on kitchen countertops here.

Although you cannot go expecting deep price cuts at these clubs, you can still enjoy some savings. Fortunately, the quality of the items here is pretty good.

affordable countertops in Northern Colorado
affordable countertops in Northern Colorado

Showroom countertops on display

When shopping around for Factory Direct Countertops in Northern Colorado, you will find that you pass by items on display but never stop to consider if they are actually what you are looking for.

Countertops on displays, for example, will be on sale at specific times each year.

These showrooms have fictional tableaux that are meant to stimulate a sense of what it is like to walk through or use different countertops from the big brand names. The displays will show the best from each manufacturer. These display countertops will sometimes come loaded with nice and attractive bonuses such as nice fancy edges, polish and a sealant already on them.

Finding good affordable countertops in Northern Colorado requires a lot of persistence, a lot of walking around, and good social skills. If you develop an incredible rapport with the manager or the owner, your efforts might be rewarded through a good discount.

If this shopping experience sounds like too much work for you, don’t worry. Weaver Stone always has discounted countertops at factory direct price on sale. Visit us for the lowest prices on countertops all year round.

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