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granite countertops in Northern Colorado

How To Add Value And Aesthetic Appeal To Your Kitchen Using Granite Countertops in Northern Colorado

Although any upgrade is important; you should focus more on the areas that are mostly used, such as the kitchen.

Remodeling will not only improve the functionality of your living space, but it will also increase the market value of your home. The kitchen is among the most impactful areas. You will find that most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking and catching up with their family.

The kitchen should, therefore, be practical and enjoyable. The kitchen has a central role in the family unit, and this is why most homebuyers will pay extra attention to it.

In this post, we are going to look at ways in which you can increase the value and aesthetics of your home using granite countertops in Northern Colorado.

Characteristics of granite countertops

Granite is mostly preferred for its distinctive patterning and colors. They will add unparalleled splendor and unique characteristics to the kitchen décor. Each slab has a unique shade and special streaks and flecks, which will give the granite countertops fabricator a chance to feature beautiful designs. These are the subtle variations and contrasts which will give your granite countertops a luxurious and stylish look in your kitchen.

granite countertops in Northern Colorado
granite countertops in Northern Colorado

Go for neutral granite colors that will blend with any cabinetry for better aesthetics

Most home buyers in Northern Colorado consider neutral colors of granite to be the safest option, especially for people who are likely to change their cabinetry.

Any potential homebuyer will be more attracted to a neutral countertop color because it will not color clash with their furniture. If you have light or white wood cabinetry, dark grey or black granite countertops will have a modern, eye-catching contrast to the overall feel of your kitchen.

Similarly, darker wood cabinets will look fantastic if combined with beige, light cream or grey countertops. Your fabricator should advise you on the best countertop style with good versatility to allow for a brilliant blending with different home décors. The fabricator can also divide the visual interest of your kitchen to establish a focal point inside the room.

Choose suitable slab colors and patterns

One reason why you are working with a fabricator is for assurance that you will be getting value for your money. Granite is a natural stone directly mined from the ground, so every slab of granite countertops in Northern Colorado will be unique and different from the rest.

If you have given the countertops fabricator an accurate description of your kitchen, they should be able to help you select a deep slab color and pattern. They will check to make sure that the slab of your choice is completely free of unwanted defects and that the movement of the countertop will be applicable to your home.

If you are selecting slabs from display pictures, you will most probably not get what you selected. It is therefore essential to insist on looking at the actual samples and handpicking the slab of your choice.

granite countertops in Northern Colorado
granite countertops in Northern Colorado

Go for a consistent sealant and darker slab colors that will not show stains

Granite countertops tend to stain after a prolonged period of exposure to moisture and sunlight. For a busy kitchen, therefore, you should try to get a dark countertop color and a consistent sealant so that stains are not visible. Granite patterns are not very intricate, meaning that the stains will be clearly seen if a consistent sealant is not used.

Thicker slabs have more aesthetic appeal

Granite countertops in Northern Colorado come in thicknesses of between 2 to 5 centimeters after fabrication. Most home buyers will prefer a thickness of 3 cm.  Your granite countertops fabricator should explain that this size will not require any support, and is the best choice for more aesthetic appeal.

For easy maintenance and cleaning, go for a polished finish

For an increased resale value of your home, we recommend a polish finish for granite countertops. This will make cleaning and maintenance of the countertops hassle-free. Polish also makes your countertops look new and shiny.

All these tips are meant to increase the value and aesthetics of your home with granite countertops. If you would like to talk to a home design expert about these or more tips, contact Weaver Stone in Northern Colorado. 

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