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How to survive a kitchen remodel

So you’re going to remodel your kitchen? I’m sure you’re thinking “How am I going to make this an easy, stress- free process?” Living without a kitchen can be difficult, and it can create disorder. But, we are here to give you tips on how you can make the process during this time easier.

Create a Temporary Kitchen- Before anything starts make sure to find a place in your home where you can set up a temporary area for preparing food, keep food/drinks, and sit and eat. Have use to a toaster oven, coffee maker, crock-pot, microwave or even an electric single burner, and you’ll have some limited kitchen functionality.

Prepare food- Take the time to prepare food that is easy to grab, and make. Items such as canned goods, cereal, canned fruit and vegetables. Crackers, nuts, bread for sandwiches are always a good option. For dinner options its always good to have something that you can pop in the microwave or something the store offers is rotisserie chicken.

Disposable Utensils and dishes- With the dishwasher not being at your availability, its in your best to have silverware and plates that can be thrown away after being used. Using disposable eating utensils and dishes also allows you to be able to eat at home, rather than go out for food.

Freeze food or eat out- Always make sure to have food that you can freeze and pop in the microwave or crock-pot. Also, know that it may be difficult to pack lunches for kids during this time so consider allowing them, or yourself of buying lunch.

Have one construction free room- When so much is going on you will want a place you can go to get away from the noise, possible dust, and other disturbances during this time. Make this area comfortable, and with things you may need during this kitchen remodel.

Control dust- Even though it may be completely impossible to keep dust away while your remodel is happening, you can do your best to minimize it. Make sure to seal off the areas that are being remodeled. Close all vents that are on the same floor where the remodel is happening.



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