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Why New Countertops Are Needed Even In a Seller’s Market in Fort Collins Colorado

In this competitive seller’s market, you may think there’s no need to renovate your house before putting it on the market. And in one way, that’s true: with housing inventory at an all-time low, your home will probably sell, no matter its condition. But, if you’re looking to get top dollar in the transaction, it’s

Summer Kitchen Countertop Design Tips in Northern Colorado

When it comes to summer kitchen countertops new designs projects, there is a lot to know. Colors and materials factor strongly into holiday decorations — especially with stones like quartz becoming ever more popular. Even though quartz costs a little bit more than other types of stones, it comes with advantages that homeowners will love

Save on Granite & Quartz Countertops This Summer in Northern Colorado

Your complete choice for Quartz and Granite Countertops in Northern Colorado is Weaver Stone, serving Northern Colorado and the surrounding areas. From concept to completion, we offer design, fabrication, and installation backed by expert technicians who are present on every job. We’re a family owned business with decades of combined experience. Weaver Stone is representing

How to keep the prices of granite countertops low in Fort Collins

Granite is beautiful, long-lasting, timeless, and durable, which explains its higher cost compared to other materials, such as laminate. Although laminate can be designed to mimic the look of granite, it will never have the same quality or durability as granite. There are some tips that you can use to score the fine look and

Buy Countertops Now And Pay Later in Fort Collins

It’s important to pick the right option that will help you achieve your goals hassle free when you’re looking to redo your Fort Collins kitchen countertops with financing, borrow for upgraded appliances, or finance an entirely new kitchen. Choosing to buy countertops now and pay later presents you with a number of benefits including: Savings

Northern Colorado Marble Countertops For Kitchen Islands

The fact that marble material has been attracting cooking enthusiasts for millennia now explains why it is so popular. Marble is a natural material available in different styles which are mostly defined by special design cutting. Marble countertops in Colorado will always look stunning, no matter where they are installed.  A few chefs who are

The best countertop investments during a remodel in Northern Colorado

The home remodeling season has already kicked off in Northern Colorado. Customers are looking for Cabinets and Countertops, and are ready to battle it out for the limited supplies of countertops. The limited supply of natural stone countertops for sale in Northern Colorado has spurred countertop buyers to start their hunt much earlier than expected—and

High Value Marble Countertops At Factory Direct Prices

The skilled hands behind Weaver Stone Company have been crafting countertops for years. We have established a reputation of excellent countertop installation services, and we work hard to uphold it. Whenever you decide to install a new kitchen countertop in Northern Colorado, contact us, and we will outfit your kitchen with adorable marble countertops at

Full Service Northern Colorado Countertops Company

For justified reasons, most people in Colorado prefer to source their products from local manufacturers. Apart from being easily accessible, local products are also cheap, have a quality guarantee and have better control. This also applies to the purchase of countertops. Hiring a locally based Northern Colorado Countertops Company comes with a load of benefits.