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How To Determine What is Reasonable Expenditure During a Remodel in Colorado

A remodel is probably one of the most expensive projects you’ll ever undertake, with a lot of people exceeding their original budget. There are several tips, however, that will help you determine what is reasonable expenditure during a remodel. Read on..

Make sure there will be a real value addition after the remodel

Before you start remodeling, determine if there is a possibility of the project adding real value to your home. This would make more sense if you are hoping on earning some profit from selling your home sometimes later;

You can consult with a few real estate agents in Colorado to determine what most homebuyers are looking for, and if you can achieve some of it through your remodel. Where possible, consult directly with an architect to determine if the spatial layout of your rooms can be changed without having to increase the square footage. By relocating some doors or walls, you might be able to redesign the flow of the rooms.

what is reasonable expenditure during a remodel
what is reasonable expenditure during a remodel

Decide how you want to split your budget 

Proper planning and carefully working out the cost of your remodel is essential, just as deciding how you will split your budget; for example, decide if most of the money will be spent on the structural remodeling works, or on the internal fittings.

It would be much cheaper to create more room out of the available spaces instead of trying to extend the rooms. Getting rid of structural costs from your project (for example, getting new walls and cabinets) can save you over half of the total remodeling cost, so that you can focus your attention on other issues such as plumbing, fittings, and electrics. 

If you feel that your remodel project is big and you are not able to decide what is reasonable expenditure during a remodel, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a remodeling expert for guidance. Most of the time, you’ll meet people who have extremely underestimated the cost of a remodeling project, or have been caught unawares by unexpected complications during the remodel.

Know how much is available to be spent

It is very easy to get carried away in excitement by the idea of a remodel, but even the most insignificant extras can drown an otherwise good budget. To restrict yourself from overspending, write down a strict budget even before you decide to meet with your contractor for the estimates.

If you decide to work on the project yourself and you need to know exactly how much is available to be spent, remember to factor in a small percentage that can cater for the unexpected details, such as removing the dried up rot or patching holes, rewiring the old electrical systems and tearing walls. In most cases, the safest bet would be to set apart an additional 20 percent for unexpected costs.

what is reasonable expenditure during a remodel
what is reasonable expenditure during a remodel

Separate the cost of materials from the cost of labor

Remodeling materials is one of the areas where contractors pad remodeling costs, so conduct a research on the cost of materials to know if you are getting a fair quote. In fact, it would be advisable to separate the cost of materials from the cost of labor. 

You can request your remodeling consultant to accompany you when shopping for your  Countertops in Colorado, so that you can pay for them using your credit card. You can also request them to give you the list of materials needed, in case you choose to shop from a home improvement store.

The bottom line is, doing your math correctly to determine what is reasonable expenditure during a remodel and to minimize overspending can greatly help you to get the most out of your bathroom remodel. 

If you are looking for low cost remodeling materials, talk to Weaver Stone Countertops Company and we will get you better deals on Colorado countertops. 

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