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Materials That make The Most Durable Countertops in Northern Colorado

In all remodeling projects, nothing is more visually important than quality countertops in Northern Colorado

Besides, quality countertops can positively affect the value of your home, should you decide to resell it. Apart from being an aesthetically appealing feature in your kitchen, your countertops should be in good shape to withstand the daily kitchen activities and as well as provide a comfortable working surface for everyone.

The countertops material of your choice should have a harmonious marriage between beauty and functionality, not forgetting affordability. To compare some of the top ranked materials for making quality kitchen countertops, this post contains tips on how to choose quality kitchen countertops and a features of some of them.

countertops in Northern Colorado
countertops in Northern Colorado

How to choose durable countertops in Northern Colorado

The first step is to establish a remodeling budget that you are comfortable with, setting some money apart for the countertops. Remember that countertops can either take a moderate portion of your budget or take the largest part, it all depends on the material you are looking at, the thickness of your countertops and the edge profiles you prefer.

Knowing the exact cost of the countertops and how functional you want them to be will help you to plan the amount of space that you are going to dedicate for the installation. Make sure that the material you go for will also be used for the backsplash and the kitchen island, and remember to include the cost for the extra materials too.

With hundreds of materials to choose from, conduct a thorough research to make sure the material you are looking at has been tested in the making of quality kitchen countertops. A lot of consumer reports have listed over a dozen materials that are good candidates when it comes to quality, durability, and resistance to stains, heat, cuts, impact, and abrasions.

The following materials are the most popular choices for mankind durable countertops in Northern Colorado, and for good reasons:

Quartz Countertops

Thanks to the low maintenance and high durability features, quartz has become the most popular material for making durable kitchen countertops. Quartz is a natural mineral mixed with resin binders and pigments to mimic the look of natural stone, but with a lot more robustness.

Quartz countertops are available in an array of vibrant colors, patterns and styles, some which have a similar look to marble and sometimes a look more expensive than marble.

Granite for making durable countertops

You are very likely to find Northern Colorado Countertops made of granite in a lot of modern high end kitchens today. Each slab of granite comes with its own unique color and veining characteristics. Granite also passes the test for robustness as well as ability to withstand heat, abrasions, cuts and scratches. 

Granite surfaces are available in matte and polished finishes, and both of which come with a brilliant resistance to stains. All you have to do is to make sure you get your granite countertops properly sealed.

You also have to be careful with the edges of your granite countertops, and most preferable, go for rounded edges to prevent chipping.

countertops in Northern Colorado
countertops in Northern Colorado

Properly sealed marble also makes durable countertops

When it comes to luxury and a royal appeal, marble takes it all. Although marble is also used in making high durability countertops in Northern Colorado, it does need a bit of maintenance. However if well taken care of, marble can last for a lifetime in your kitchen.

Marble countertops are a worthy investment especially if you are willing to dedicate a little time and money to maintain them. Ask your fabricator what is required to keep your marble countertops looking new and fresh. Marble countertops come with special instructions on how to clean them after use, the best sealants to use on them and what to avoid.

Although marble is a good candidate for durable countertops, it is not recommended for busy kitchens or in homes where there are small children!

Still looking for more insights on what material to use for durable countertops? Weaver Stone Countertops Company is a reliable and trust worthy northern Colorado countertop fabricator, with years of experience in the fabrication business. 

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