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Popular Countertop Trends in Northern Colorado That Have Passed The Test Of Time

Countertops and backsplashes play a big role in kitchen and bathroom design. They are prominent elements that stand out, giving them the power to define the style of any given space. Countertop trends and backsplash trends have evolved over the years, from stainless steel surfaces to wood to marble to subway tiles. But what does the future have in store?

popular countertops trends in northern Colorado
popular countertops trends in northern Colorado

Read on for the most popular countertops trends in northern Colorado.

Natural stone countertops designs have endured through decades and are mainstays in the home remodeling industry

To balance out all that color, incorporate natural stone. People are falling in love with the abstract canvases painted by Mother Nature and using natural stone beyond countertops. Designers are continuing the stone material to waterfall edges and tall backsplashes. Sometimes they carry the stone all the way to the ceiling, and you can even fabricate drawer fronts and hood vent covers out of natural stone.

Granite is still making an appearance among the most preferred countertop trends in Northern Colorado

Many types of natural stone are popular choices for a kitchen countertop, and of these, the most popular option is a countertop made from a solid slab of granite. Beginning life as a quarried slab of solid natural stone, granite countertops are fabricated to specification and installed by professional crews. Solid granite slabs make very heavy and durable countertops. No two pieces of granite are alike, making each countertop entirely unique.

Considered a premium building material, granite countertops tend to improve home real estate values.

Marbleized wallpaper and travertine are among the most recent entries in countertop trends

You will love using marbleized wallpaper in small powder rooms and alcoves. It’s the perfect time for a ‘wow!’ moment and presents a glamorous, but contemporary look. Similarly, as the most popular countertop trends in northern Colorado turn towards warmer, earth tones, the bathroom is heading in that direction by shunning white marble in favor of stones with warmer hues like travertine and limestone.

Angular styles among popular countertops trends in northern Colorado

Countertop trends in Northern Colorado will always be linear, angular and determinedly simple. Consisting of black laminate cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, kitchens are nowadays being adorned with long, angular stone countertops and other linear elements in the room, giving this part of a home a lean, industrial and high-tech look.

Black and White designs have earned a huge following in Northern Colorado

There was an unwritten rule with the old standard kitchen countertops design that all the surfaces in the kitchen must match (perimeter counters, island and everything in between). But in the past couple of years, Northern Colorado Kitchen Countertops have proven that mismatching is allowed, and it results in an excellent look.

Indian Quartz Kitchen Design as a popular trend

This one is like a cheaper substitute for the high-end expensive granite and is available in multiple colors. Quartz has all the qualities of granite but requires a bit of caution especially when you’re using very hot utensils in the kitchen. Hot pans and pots can be kept on the counter but not for long otherwise they may leave burn marks. It isn’t porous as marble and thus will not absorb liquids.

Mixed materials and bold patterns as a mainstay among popular countertop trends

Combining many different materials is huge among the most popular countertops trends in Northern Colorado. Mixing stone countertops with glass shelving and metal hardware creates a trendy and unique space. Eclectic kitchens are always fun to design, and mixing and matching materials is what it’s all about.

Boldly patterned backsplashes, especially ones that are full-height and that integrate with countertops, are becoming very trendy. Bold, black countertops and backsplashes are also being used in bathrooms, offering a rich and opulent feel to the space.

popular countertops trends in northern Colorado
popular countertops trends in northern Colorado

Last but not Least, Matte Black Everything is quite catchy!

As countertops become bolder, some countertop fabricators in Northern Colorado are taking a different type of dramatic turn. Matte black fixtures and hardware are growing in popularity. What was once a minimal and stark choice in all white modern kitchens is now a fun way to subtly add contrast to kitchen cabinets, countertops and the more traditional, Shaker-style kitchens.

To find out other trendier countertop styles that are both eye-catching and timeless in Northern Colorado, contact Weaver Stone Countertops Company. We have stone consultants on site who are willing to take you through the safest countertop trends to help you make a sound decision.

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