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Northern Colorado Marble Countertops For Kitchen Islands

The fact that marble material has been attracting cooking enthusiasts for millennia now explains why it is so popular. Marble is a natural material available in different styles which are mostly defined by special design cutting. Marble countertops in Colorado will always look stunning, no matter where they are installed. 

A few chefs who are a bit concerned with the disadvantages of marble struggle to find another material that can match the beauty and flexibility of the marble countertop. If you look at the advantages of this material, they ultimately outweigh its disadvantages, which is one of the reasons why cooking enthusiasts all over Largo love Northern Colorado marble countertops for kitchen islands.

In this post, we are going to look at the qualities of marble that qualify it for kitchen islands.

Features that make marble the most appealing among all others 

One of the features that set Northern Colorado marble countertops for kitchen islands apart from other natural stone materials is the sophisticated, luxurious, and elegant look. In addition to its beauty, marble is known for adding warmth and complementing any other material in the surrounding. 

Other solid countertop material brands have been trying to mimic the characteristics of marble material, but they have not been or are not likely to be successful in completely mimicking the stunning elegance of natural stone. 

Northern Colorado marble countertops for kitchen islands
Northern Colorado marble countertops for kitchen islands

Lasting Legacy of marble material. 

Marble is a sedimentary metamorphic rock that began as limestone and slowly transformed into a crystal after being subjected to immense heats. In ancient Egypt, marble was used for loyal architectural purposes. The Anthien treasury in Mesopotamia was the first building to be built entirely out of marble material around the sixth century BC. Structures such as the Parthenon are still standing up to date to show the resilience and the luxurious use of marble as a building material.

Unreplicable uniqueness of Marble 

Each slab of marble is un-replicable since the material is straight from nature. This means that marble brings a beautiful essence to kitchen islands that cannot be matched. Every time you see a marble countertop island, it will always be unique and cannot be copied or imitated whatsoever, not to mention undoubtedly stunning.

 You can get marble countertops available in a variety of colors.

Each Marble slab has its own unique patterns and colors that range from different shades of white and gray to vibrant pink, green, brownish red, and a range of onyx black colors. The unique veining and patterns inside marble are a result of the impurities trapped inside the marble, which gives marble countertops for kitchen islands a look that will be hard to imitate for a very long time.

An ideal choice for its natural cooling effect and is heat resistant.

Although every natural stone has the potential to develop stubborn stains and etch, which are a result of the porous nature of the material, marble countertop islands are naturally heat resistant. This means that the surfaces will not burn and can, therefore, be used for baking or any other cooking activities that require immense heating. The natural cooling effect of marble countertops also makes an ideal choice for marble countertop islands, because the surface is best suited for rolling out the dough for pastries.

Northern Colorado marble countertops for kitchen islands
Northern Colorado marble countertops for kitchen islands

Extensive life span 

Although marble slabs are generally softer and easy to fabricate, this does not mean that they are weak in any way. The material is as durable as they come but the islands will require a little more maintenance than granite. 

The reason why ancient Egypt architects used the material for the construction of structures is due to its durability, which is proven by the fact that some of these buildings are still intact up to date. The sturdiness of these ancient buildings makes some of them still in use up to date. 

It’s easy to curve marble

Although the durability of  Northern Colorado marble countertops for kitchen islands cannot be doubted, it is still a very soft stone, which makes it easy for manufacturers to carve out different designs of countertop islands from the stone. 

The material cuts very smoothly and easily, which is the reason why it is possible to get various carvings from the stone. This gives fabricators an easy time coming up with unique, fancy details, and decorative edges as required. 

Therefore, whenever you want to update your Kitchen Island, marble is a pretty decent material to consider. If you are in Northern Colorado, visit Weaver Stone showrooms to check out the vast selection of marble countertops in Fort Collins showroom.

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